Green Weddings

Posted: April 02, 2011

With the increased emphasis on the environment and recycling, it's no surprise that “green” is assuming a colorful place alongside phrases such as “dressed in white” and “something borrowed, something blue.”  There are a lot of ways to make a wedding more environmentally-friendly.

Start by using recyclable paper for invitations.  Reduce paper consumption further with web-based invites and confirmations.  Of course, selecting green products for bridal registry is an obvious step as well.  If the bride isn’t comfortable with a once-worn gown, at least consider a dress that can be used on other occasions or donated to a charity after the event.  For menu items, try to buy local and use a location and caterer that follow environmentally responsible practices.  Finally, if the bride and groom hail from different parts of the country, consider hosting two small celebrations.  A large part of a bridal celebration’s carbon footprint comes from the distances its guests travel.